Melisa Ramet (b. Argentina, 1983) lives and works in Ibiza,  studied BA in Fine Arts Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Faculty of Arts and Design, Argentina, 2003-2008. Degree in Art Therapy : Tools Art Therapy and Positive Psychology in the practice of Expressive Arts- Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila,  México, 2016.

Interdisciplinary artist and therapist. She works with processes that cross a spectrum of drawing/painting, collage, photography, performance, film, video, and installation.

Researcher and lover of life, beauty and Art in all its forms and the bioenergetic therapies, Melisa´s passion is to connect Art to the Energy Awareness.

Her work focuses on luminosity, strength and the movement of colour. Her inspiration is drawn from nature; alongside with research-meditation on the abstract field of sensuality, feminine inner body and the study of the flow of water; as a reflection of a state of being, exploring the concept of emptiness through light and colour.

Melisa is founder and curator of ArtCollectiveIbiza, a women artist collective.

Highly imaginative, she creates various artistic projects and often collaborates with other artists and curators.


Co-Creator of the Intranave Cultural Organization, and Creative Festival for Women “Tanit Dreams” 1st  and 2nd  edition(2016-2017), Ibiza. Tanit Dreams Creative Festival for Women

Melisa´s other art project is currently working on performances investigation of the conscious relationship between body movement, color and the connection with nature, the last actions have been made in Ibiza and the project is called: body-land-art. In collaboration with the photographer Michaela Meadow.

She also participate in some short films and video experimental projects.

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